Raw Vs. Cooked Food: One True Comparison

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People have always been debating over a lot of things when it comes to food, and ‘raw vs. cooked food’ is one such debate. We are going to do the same here. We have made our best efforts to consolidate the facts that you should know about raw food and cooked food. Of course, we cannot give a strong conclusion as to why you should pick one over the other. But we can possibly tell you the pros and cons of both ways of eating and leave the conclusion to your discretion. So let us get to the comparison.

It is a general perspective people believe that raw food is healthier than cooked food. But that need not have to be true all the time. Though a majority of what we already believe about the debate is right, we are still breaking down some of the facts here.

Raw Vs. Cooked Food: One True Comparison

Taste vs. Health:

The argument between raw and cooked always heats up only when you start debating about health and taste. This generation youngsters find it hard to get it down their food pipe if the food isn’t tasty. Not all cooked food items are tasty, and not all raw food items are healthy. While certain food products need to be cooked to get better, a few of them have to be left raw to add more benefits. It simply depends.

Raw foods support intestine:

Foods that aren’t processed or cooked are rich in digestive enzymes. Yes, there are certain enzymes in fruits and vegetable which aid the intestine in its functioning. In the process of cooking and heating, the enzymes might get killed, and that is the reason as to sometimes there are serious digestion issues.

Raw food lives long:

Food that is left uncooked lives long. Natural fruits and vegetables do have a shelf life and if preserved rightly can stay longer than usual. However, the story is completely different when we cook the food. No matter how well you preserve and what ingredients you drop in, cooked food will not be good more than a couple of days and few only last good for hours. They stay good even for a day or two only under proper refrigeration.


Food works well and helps you reduce weight only when they are raw. Any raw food will help you reduce weight as the calories of the food stay unaltered. Once the food is cooked, you add to them a lot of calories, and they naturally lose the ability to reduce weight when you consume them. Apart from the weight reduction part, raw food products add more strength when compared to cooked food.

Our bottom line being…

We have given a rough sketch about the things that we usually fight over when it comes to raw vs. cooked debate. You can always treat yourself with well-cooked food. However, if you make an efforts to consume fruits and vegetables in the raw, not all though, you are adding better credits to your health.

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