5 Must-Know Secrets to Cook like a Pro

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Cooking is one thing that has gone common for both men and women these days. Unlike the yesteryears where families used to stay as packs and cook for each other, today most of us lead an independent life, and we have to take care of the cooking as well. Even if you say money is not a criterion and that you can stay away from cooking, your health must definitely be in your concern and thereby it is important that you have some decent cooking skills.

However, food is something that most of us live for and compromising there is really a big deal. So here we are sharing some of the secret tips that will help you cook like a pro. Remember this one thing in cooking – what seems difficult about cooking is one that you have to focus on first. You will understand this better as we get to the list.

5 Must-Know Secrets to Cook like a Pro

Know your kitchen:

The difficulty comes in cooking when you do not know your kitchen well. So try to understand how a kitchen works and the primary ingredients that are involved in cooking. Certain things look alike in the kitchen. I ain’t going to put you down by taking the example of salt and sugar. You obviously you know the difference. But sometimes you can get confused with things like different flours, grams and certain pulses. So know them well before you begin

No approximations in cooking:

At least until you master a few dishes and the hearts of the people who are eating, do not assume quantities. Certain ingredients are added to taste, but they still have a measure. Yes, you will reach a point where your fingers simply pick the right quantity, but that is a gift of your expertise. At least for the first few months, go with measured quantities

No partners in cooking:

Partnership and teamwork might not work all the time. It will definitely end up messy if none of you knows how to cook. Haven’t we heard that too many cooks spoil the broth? So take up the task independently. Go one dish at a time and take your time and go slow for the first few trials. By practice, cooking will rely on your muscle memory.

Make it presentable:

You probably are aware of the importance of garnishing. Food is food garnished or not, but given a choice people will mostly prefer the former over latter. So make an effort to make your dish look lovely and enticing. In most cases, the first impression depends on how it looks more than how it tastes.

Beware of trying something new:

You must be aware of certain things if you are a beginner. When you are entrusted with the job of cooking, and you are expected to impress someone really important, go for the dish that is easy and the one that you tried and succeeded earlier. Even if you wish to be a little experimental do not go for the new dish and new ingredients both at the same time.

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